Abigail Child (Wikipedia)


Child is a film and video maker whose original montage pushes the envelope of sound-image relations with sensitivity, smarts and passion. Her work in the 80s explores gender while focusing on strategies for rewriting narrative, creating the cult classics “Mayhem” and “Covert Action” while her 1990s productions recuperate documentary to poetically explore public space.

Benton-C Bainbridge (Wikipedia)


Bainbridge has been working in cinema & related media since 1983. For the past decade, Benton-C has approached cinema as a performable medium, making audio and video in realtime in a multitude of group and solo contexts. Currently, Bainbridge has become a partner in the “blind eye project.” He collaborated with Scott Holmquist [aka, willy mal] in finding technical solutions in the production of “exoptic fields” and created the blind eye media’s second production, “blind heat,” part of the blind eye projects.

Nathalie Adamidi

Adamidi is a painter in Basel, Switzerland (2014), who co-designed and produced the 2001, Times Square blind eye window installation at Chashama's 125 42nd St space off Broadway. In 2003 she curated the Gallerie Bebop installation in Nice, France.

Bob Gill (Wikipedia)


Bob Gill designed for the “exoptic fields” video box.

Naval Cassidy


Cassidy is an instant cinema artist who works with groups Stackable Thumb and Naval Cassidy and the Hands of Orlak, a new group that combines live video with live percussion.

Steven Katz

Other work included Steven Katz’ 15-foot sculpture, “peer”.

Jean-Philippe Baert

Catalog (French)

Jean-Philippe Baert exhibited a video version of his TV “fossil” made by exposing photo paper to television screens during news broadcasts. A video loop of one such piece played on a 5″ screen.
e-mail : jpbaert [at] hotmail [dot] com
2002 january …

Fritz Donnelly



Fritz Donnelly’s “Very Special Performance Tonight Only” opened with a video of himself as a TV language instructor giving a series of lessons in a made-up language that sounded like Italian or Russian. He then appears, in person, as the language instructor and gives a lesson, inviting an audience member to participate.