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Fritz Donnelly’s “Very Special Performance Tonight Only” opened with a video of himself as a TV language instructor giving a series of lessons in a made-up language that sounded like Italian or Russian. He then appears, in person, as the language instructor and gives a lesson, inviting an audience member to participate. He invites the audience to repeat after him, and has many speaking this new language. In effect he “re-edits” the video tape in-vivo, on stage. Then he leaves stage to return as another character speaking a different made-up language and proceeds to rap in that Chinese-sounding language, pushing the “edit” to distortion.

max4funk [at] yahoo [dot] com “writer/director Fritz Donnelly . . . a sociopath” –Seattle Weekly ’00 “Fritz Donnelly . . . poised and lucid” –The Tablet ’00 “bizarre, funny, Andy-Kaufman like” –Seattle Weekly ’01 Fritz Donnelly is a graduate of the Modern Culture and Media Department of Brown University. He has written and directed feature films (Blue Lobster), short work (To the Hills), airs a public television program in Manhattan every Thursday at midnight on Channel 56, and has performed on the D,Q to Brooklyn. Mr. Donnelly was also the primary campaign adviser to Mr. Frank Delaware, available at www.frankdelaware.com