- "Better loving through imagery" Dec. 2000

Rather than waste millions on Super Bowl Sunday, Willy Mal kicked off the Exoptic Fields ad campaign in the August-September issue of the Utne Reader. “The video to end all videos,” blared the tiny ad, will “lure your eyes away from the screen by design.” Packaged like a bottle of pills, the tape is indicated “for the relief of TV and Internet addiction. Warning: May intensify off-screen sensations.”!

The Telegraph - "Exoptic Fields aims to repel TV audiences" Jan. 2001

"Chances are, if you are reading this column in the newspaper, you believe in the power of the printed word and watch TV at least 10-15 minutes less each day than the average person. Chances are, if you work a white collar job, you spend much of the day staring a computer screen before you go home to stare at the TV screen."

Film Scouts - "Interview on blind heat - Benton C. Bainbridge" Dec. 2001

It lasts forty minutes (that’s four times the national average for love-making) this smoldery, abstract blaze of color, pulsating in sync with a two-syllable tune‹hypnotic, electro interludes like a heart beating to an oceanic tempo. One might stare at it and find all sorts of naughty undertones in the manner of a Rorschach blot.

Canadian Chum TV - Report on Exoptic Fields VCR, Feb. 2002

"It is a given of media work: the main job is to make people watch. But in Manhattan, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a group dedicated to undoing that principle. The Blind Eye Media project makes and markets videos, playing them, and finding themselves more or less ignoring their televisions, and suddenly talking and looking around their surroundings. Blind Eye bills them as ‘videos to end all videos.’ And for once, there’s some truth in that advertising."