Reverse Media Logic (2001)

Why reverse media logic? Media reversal and deflection are like sound wave cancellation techniques. They seek to neutralize sensation by creating its opposite. In the case of sound, this opposite is a wave that saps the energy of the existing sound. Think of a bath tub where equal and opposite waves collide and cancel each other leading to a still tub. The action, its process, cancels stimulation. Media reversal, or negation, pops the media issue out of the conventional media loop. Outside, where the project works to inspire an aesthetic movement. A movement with new pleasures. A movement that’s tough enough to disrupt and resist the electronic media juggernaut that’s now enveloping human life around the globe for better or worse. Reversing media’s logic of attraction — media’s essential function — creates a point of critical distance. This vantage is completely outside the flux and flow of the global media-sphere and transcends false dichotomies of “good-for-you,” “educational” media and “bad,” “sensational” media.