Deflective art (and its movement) explained (2003)

A work conceived deflectively is like any other. Only less so. A deflective wooden sculpture – if such is possible – is first of all a sculpture of wood. Only less so per the following logic:

E = all potential human sensations given the ambient light, noise, humidity, etc., at a given point, or in a given space.

x = sum of felt stimulations (sensual and emotional) within “E.”

r = remaining unfelt sensations in “E” for individual experiencing “x,” where:

(E – r) = x

+ y = increase in “x” provoked by introducing a work of art “a,” where:

(E – r) + a = x + y

d = deflective work of art of technology.

- y = reduction of felt stimulation provoked by “d” where:

(E – r) + d = x – y

Thus, in the classic understanding art and media, what follows this logic in the movement for deflective art must tend toward failure. A perfect and even splendid failure. The essential failure of our time.