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Last blind eye exhibit opened with show & discussion at Bebop Galerie, Nice, France - 25 January 2003.
Naval Cassidy, also from New York, performed exoptically inpired "live-cinema" and Riviera jazz great, Bunnie Foy, sang.
"Le debat" got hot when willy mal fended off a red-scarved French intellectual's attack on the supposed "anti-media" message of the project. Sadly, following loud applause for mal's response, said "intello" refused to reveal his name - even after earlier touting his coming book on "communications."
Bebop exhibit ran 25 January - 18 February.
Last window opened at Nice-Acropolis 10 February to 10 March 2003.

The blind eye projects hail the coming age of perfectly seductive media by promoting a movement for the perfect opposite: media and art made to deflect not attract.

Press: Salon.com & Film Scouts.

How deflection works: demo. The project in storefront windows & galleries from New York to Vienna. Times Square exhibits & performances: extravaganza.

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The blind eye projects seek to make and promote art and media that deflect the interest of the audience and attempt to subtract stimulation. They propose nothing less than work that reverses the historic logic of media and art. more

First came the "ambient revolution," an idea that sprang from willy mal's enthusiasm for the rapid changes that occurred in tv, including the news, during the 1980s. more

blind eye project productions:
--the "exoptic fields" video
-- the exoptic fields video magazine advertisement campaign in the Utne Reader.
-- an example of deflective media with added stimulation, the "blind heat" video made by Benton C.
-- the exoptic fields installation at TRANSCINEMA in the HERE art gallery in New York City end of November 2000.
--blind eye storefronts in New York City, London, and Vienna.
-- In New York, the East Village window at C-Ya!, 524 East 5th St., between Ave's "A" and "B" and the Times Square window, 125 West 42nd St., between Ave's 6 and 7.
--"deflect media extravaganza" at Times Square from January 17, 2002 to February 2, 2002, presented by Chashama at 125 West 42nd St.

blind eye manifesto
Let me tell you how the daylight soothed our eyes./ All night we we fought and . . . "manifesto"

reverse media logic
Media reversal and deflection are like sound wave cancellation techniques. They seek to neutralize sensation by creating its opposite. In the case of sound, this opposite is a wave that saps the energy of the existing sound. Think of a bath tub where equal and opposite waves collide and cancel each other leading to a still tub. The action, its process, cancels stimulation. more

items "for sale"
The project also sells radical "art" videos as novelty gift items with mass appeal. But the project is more than its videos. It includes storefronts, street-stand "selling" performances and "advertising." These, and related undertakings, are all part of the blind eye project. more

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