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 reviews "blind heat": "Better Loving Through Imagery," '...visual make-out music for those who prefer DJ Spooky...'"


Dear Viewer:
The "exoptic fields" & "blind heat" videos seek to make your tv disappear. Both are real videocassettes that play something extraordinary. We created them to gently make you look away, to deflect your attention, instead of attract it, to reverse media logic

Invite your friends to "watch" our videos and tickle their thinking beyond simple-minded moralizing over "good" versus "evil" media.

If you've ever craved a technique that utterly transforms television, now you're not alone. Now you have it. Now you have the means to keep what's desirable and resist what's not.

Because we have designed videos to turn your attention away from the screen. By making "deflective" instead of "attractive" media, we're offering you a tool that's both a whole lot more fun, and more intelligent, than either the "off" switch or a "Kill Your Television" bumper-sticker. Our videos offer the key to understanding what's essentially destructive about television and other addictive media: near-perfect attraction. Reverse that power and you gain a freer mind better suited to our media age. One primed to witness an emerging liberatory aesthetic.

Most radical fine art stays trapped in galleries and museums. This radical art is on the loose.

The "exoptic fields" and "blind heat" videos are objets d'art wrapped up as hilarious novelty gift items. Gifts designed to do what you want them to. To tease, to joke, to seduce, to insult, to provoke. For sale cheap on the street, on the phone, or on the World Wide Web.

Why buy deflective video? according to willy mal: "Because humanity's nonstop trip into the gleaming new world of perfectly attractive and infinitely varied media is rapidly accelerating. And there may be no turning back. Because to 'be here now' in the endless flow of media is to be lost. Because deflective media reverses conventional media logic. It catapults you out of the pleasureplex of media’s warm and sweet bath up into the cool air high above the glimmering lights—at least for the length of the tape."


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